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The Human Rights in Media Convention 2024

Date: 28th to 29th November 2024

Time: 10AM (EAT)

Host: Let’s Walk Uganda (LWU)

Theme: Empowering Marginalized Communities Through Media and Rights Advocacy.



Join Let’s Walk Uganda (LWU) for a groundbreaking physical(in-person) event, “The Human Rights in Media Convention,” dedicated to exploring the pivotal role of media in advancing Marginalized communities rights and combating persecution. As an LGBTQ+ Rights Advocacy NGO, LWU recognizes the power of media as a catalyst for social change and seeks to harness its influence to promote equality, acceptance, and dignity for all.


Event Highlights:

Panel Discussions: Engage with experts from the media industry, LGBTQ+ activists, and human rights advocates as they delve into the intersection of media and human rights. Explore topics such as representation, storytelling, and the impact of media narratives on LGBTQ+ and other Marginalized communities.

Don’t miss the discussions around Misinformation, Propaganda, Negative Stereotype and hateful speech and we understand how these are used by Anti-gender and Anti-Homosexuality Actors, learning how to identify and fight back.


Keynote Address: Gain insights from renowned speakers who will share their experiences and perspectives on leveraging media platforms to amplify LGBTQ+ and Marginalized voices, challenge stereotypes, and foster inclusion.


Interactive Workshops: Participate in interactive sessions designed to equip attendees with practical tools and strategies for advocating for LGBTQ+ and other Marginalized rights through various media channels. Learn how to create compelling content, engage with journalists, and navigate media landscapes effectively.

New media’s new strategies, how to best utilise the fast-growing online media from the traditional ones.


Networking Opportunities: Connect with like-minded individuals, organizations, and media professionals committed to advancing human rights and promoting LGBTQ+ equality. Build meaningful connections, share ideas, and collaborate on initiatives to drive positive change.


Keynote Speakers

Edward Mutebi, a Ugandan activist at Let’s Walk Uganda. (Confirmed)

Note: More will be added upon confirmation



To register for “The Human Rights in Media Convention,” please visit [registration link] and secure your spot today, we follow first come first served! Registration and attendance is free and all are welcome to attend.

To participate as panelist please send email to:  communicationslwu@gmail.com

Date & Time:


Venue: To be communicated


Let’s Walk Uganda (LWU):

Let’s Walk Uganda (LWU) is a leading LGBTQ+ Rights Advocacy NGO dedicated to championing the rights, dignity, and well-being of LGBTQ+ individuals in Uganda. Through advocacy, education, and community empowerment initiatives, LWU strives to create a more inclusive and accepting society where everyone can live authentically and without fear of discrimination or persecution.


Join us for “The Human Rights in Media Convention” and be part of the movement to harness the power of media for positive social change. Together, we can make a difference and build a world where human rights are respected, protected, and upheld for all.